ANCA World Autism Festival – Performing Arts Performances in Alanya 2017

ANCA World Autism Festival 3nd Region meeting organised beetween 21-23 April 2017 in Alanya, Turkey. First day, after the presentations, there was a opening ceremony night. Firstly, IZOT “the biggest autism orchestra and choir of the world” had a short concert. Then the nominees of the ANCA 2017 had musical performances. Not only Turkish nominees but also foreign nominees and last year delegates of ANCA had a wonderful performances. At the end of the opening ceremony night, all participants were on the stage and danced all together.

Second day, after the presentations, there was again concert and nominees performances. Firstly Ukrainian Autism Valse Group had a marvelous dance show. Then Otisium Rhythm Group had a stage show. After that nominees continued their musical performances. End of the night, Dr. Orcun Berrakcay, who is a announcer of the night and founder of IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir, invited all nominees to the stage. He spoke about his dream  “World Autism Orchestra and Choir” Then everybody sang  and danced together…

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IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir – ANCA World Autism Festival Concert 2017

ANCA World Autism Festival Region #3 first time organized in Turkey. They choosed one of the best city Alanya. The festival started 21st of April 2017. During the day time, foreign and Turkish speakers did their presentation. After that there was an opening ceromony night in Alanya Culture Center. Mr Erdal Ates, who is a ANCA representative of Turkey and Dr. Orcun Berrakcay, who is a founder and conducter of IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir were announcer of the organization.

IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir had a short concert performance at the opening ceremony event. During the concert they performed Turkish National Anthem, folk and pop songs. Beetween the songs Dr. Orcun Berrakcay spoke about IZOT and positive effects of cooperation musical performance on autism.

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Musical Performances of Turkish and Philippine Girls With Autism

We were in ANCA World Autism Festival in Canada in 2016. IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir’s autistic pianist Beril Zorlu was a nominee and she won performing arts 3. prize. We had a great time in Vancouver. Before going to Canada we had a contact with Vell Baria from Philippines. Beril was so excited to meet and accompany to Vell. Finally they met and had a wonderful performance at he opening ceremony of the festival. They couldn’t have so much speaking contact because of language differences but they were so good team with language of music. It looked like they knew eachothers for a long time. We hope that their friendship and duet performances will continue at the further organizations and concerts.

Dr. Orcun Berrakcay

Beril Zorlu – ANCA World Autism Festival Prize Ceremony
Performing Arts Youth Category: 3. Prize Beril Zorlu
01/10/2016 – Vancouver / CANADA

ANCA World Autism Festival Opening Ceremony
Hotel California Duet Performance
Piano: Beril Zorlu from Turkey
Vocal: Vell Baria from Philippines
30/09/2016 – Vancouver / CANADA

ANCA World Autism Festival Concert
Piano: Beril Zorlu from Turkey
Vocal: Dr. Orcun Berrakcay from Turkey
01/10/2016 – Vancouver / CANADA

ANCA World Autism Festival Concert
Piano: Beril Zorlu from Turkey
Vocal: Vell Beria from Philippines
01/10/2016 – Vancouver / CANADA

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In 2013 I founded IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir in Turkey. The aim of  this orchestra was giving success for autistic children. But now – since the orchestra includes more than 40 children – through orchestra I could build up 40 self-confidence children and 40 families who are proud of their children now.

In the beginning I observed that autistic children were good at music, so I collected them, I made a group and I showed to them how to sing, how to behave, how to feel together. So year by year the group has become an orchestra and choir.

I started my orchestra and choir with 4 children. In the beginning nobody believed me, but I never gave up. We were practising every week and after 8 months we had the first opportunity to show ourselves up to the audience on the stage.

After that period we have had 82 concerts in different cities of Turkey. People started to believe us and take notice the effect on autistic children’s life.

The music gave them success, self-confidence, friendship, love and faith for future. Also my orchestra and choir show if you believe them and give chance to them, autistic children can be successful.

My orchestra is increasing day by day. Now there are 40 children and 20 volunteer teachers. My aim is sharing my method and experience to the other countries.

Here you can watch my presentation in ANCA World Autism Festival in Canada in 2016.

“The Effects of Cooperative Musical Performance to The People With Autism: IZOT Izmir Autism Orchestra and Choir Case Study”

Dr. Orcun Berrakcay
(Founder and Conducter of IZOT)
ANCA World Autism Festival
01/10/2016, Vancouver, CANADA

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International Young Talent Music Competition – Istanbul 2017

International Young Talent Music Competition, Istanbul was held for the first time in May 22-24, 2015. BT Music and Performing Arts was the organizer of the competition with support from the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Istanbul Besiktas Municipality and European Union Music Competition for Youth.

In May 2016, the competition became a candidate member and as of 2017 it is a full member of ECMY under European Union as a National Competition.

The competition in 2017 will be reserved for those with Turkish nationalities, other nationalities living in Turkey or Cyprus or those with cultural links to Turkey.

The competition serves to discover young music talents and to emphasize the importance of music education on a national platform. It provides an accessible and easy to reach channel for young talents seeking recognition via the digital platform especially custom created. With the integration of public voting, it proved to be a big success in creating a national and international music community. Performing is a valuable musical as well as social experience for personal growth. To have your performance viewed by thousands is a great pride for any performer.

The on-line competition will available for all categories until May 2, 2017. Finalists chosen will be announced on May 21st, 2017.

You may enter the competition in the special needs children category (up to age 18)

Special Category is for those with special learning needs. Finalists will be selected by Public Voting. Special Category is for those with special learning needs or disabilities. Contestants in this category must attend special needs schools. Contestants of age 18 and under are eligible to enter in any instrument including voice.

There is no entry fee for participants in the Special Category.

Competition Calendar
Online Application for Each Category: May 17th, 2017 at 5 pm
Announcement for Finalists: May 21st, 2017
Finals: May 27-28, 2017 in Istanbul
Award Ceremony: May 28, 2017 at 3 pm.

Finalists’ schedules will be announced in due time.

  • All finalists will be present at the awards ceremony to receive diploma and medal of achievement.
  • Teachers who have students in the finals will receive certificate of achievement.
  • Schools with most student participants will receive certificate of achievement.
  • Award winners are obliged to attend the ceremony.
  • The organization committee will keep awards on behalf of winner, in the event that they are absent from the ceremony.


For more information and apply, please click here!